From Ashkelon to Haifa, Israel, 8 July 2008

                                            organized by Dana Shapira and Dror Rawitz


                                                         in cooperation with the 


                                              Academic College of Ashkelon


                                                     Schedule of the Talks




Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 : Room 570 – Education Building, CRI, University of Haifa



09:30-09:40      Greetings

10:30-10:45       "A sub-quadratic sequence alignment algorithm for unrestricted scoring matrices"


                           Michal Ziv-Ukelson  (Invited Talk # 1)

Session 1

10:45-11:10       "The black-and-white coloring problem on chordal graphs"

                          Shira Zucker

11:10-11:35       "Quasi-distinct parsing and optimal compression methods"

                           Amihood Amir, Yonatan Aumann, Avivit Levy

11:35-12:00       "Speeding up HMM decoding and training by exploiting sequence repetitions"

                            Yury Lifshits, Shay Mozes, Oren Weimann, Michal Ziv-Ukelson

12:15-13:05       "Some universal compression algorithms for individual finite-length N-blocks are better than others"

                              Jacob Ziv (Invited Talk #2)

14:20-15:10       "Repetitions in strings and text compression" 

                              Maxime Crochemore (Invited Talk #3)

Session 2


15:25-15:50       "Cryptanalysis of the Algebraic Eraser and presentations of permutations as short products"  

                              Arkadius Kalka, Mina Teicher, Boaz Tsaban

 15:50-16:15       "The decomposition method for generating graph expressions"  

                              Mark Korenblit, Vadim E. Levit

16:15-16:40       "Well-covered graphs without cycles of length 4 and 6"

                              Vadim E. Levit, David Tankus

16:55-17:45       "A strongly polynomial algorithm for controlled queues"

                              Guy Even (Invited Talk # 4)