Undergraduate Scholars Program


To encourage and reward students, who combine Computer Science (CS) studies with other disciplines at the undergraduate level in a way that reflects an interdisciplinary interest.


In the Academic year 2004-2005, the program includes 2nd and 3rd year B.A. students with an average of 75 and above in Computer Science and an average of 80 and above in the second discipline.


The program includes series of lectures and a project.


Programs by years:






Organizer: Dr. Yoni Cohen

To the Program of the academic year 2004-2005




Orginizer: Dr. Rivki Ribak

Gender and Technology




Organizer: Dr. Yoni Cohen

In the frame of the program organized by the Caesarea Rothschild Institute, the students met on a monthly basis for a series of seminars which brought them together with scholars and practitioners informing them on various topics in the range of interdisciplinary fields. The theme chosen this year was "Technology to the aid of the elderly." Specifically, the various lectures focused on a specific technology, Sony's AIBO, which is a toy robot that was initially marketed as a robotic pet for the elderly. The idea originated in an "Haaretz" article describing the product and its potential benefits as a mechanic pet, and was suggested among other ideas as a potentially stimulating theme for this year's lecture series.


List of the meetings




Organizer: Dr. Yoni Cohen

The scholars had a series of lectures (no project):

  • "Human Computer Interface: Internet web design" by Eyal Fried.
  • "The use of virtual reality for rehabilitation" by Prof. Tamar Weiss.
  • "Computers and cognitive science" by Prof. Yoel Norman combined with a visit to the "Maamaka".