Call for New Interdisciplinary Courses


The Caesarea Rothschild Institute encourages faculty members of the University of Haifa, other Israeli academics and visitors to the Institute to propose new interdisciplinary courses/workshops aimed for either undergraduate or graduate level students, C.R.I. can help support the design and preparation of such courses. Support may be in the form of assistants, equipment, release time, etc. Developing new programs of study between computer science and other disciplines at the University are encouraged especially at the graduate level.


Applications should include:

  • Name of the course.

  • A brief syllabus describing the course.

  • The aims of the course and the necessary background the students should have.

  • A detailed budget request for the courses.

  • CV of course organizers / lecturers.

New courses taught by visitors at the University where some "technology transfer" occurs will be given preference. Lecturing in Hebrew is preferred but not required.

Applications should be sent to Dr. Irith Hartman,Scientific Coordinator of the Institute or to Prof. Martin, Director of the Institute.


Interdisciplinary courses organized and supported by the Caesarea Rothschild Institute and to be taught at the University of Haifa.