The University of Haifa - Bruno Kessler Foundation Collaboration

Collaboration Coordinators
Prof. Martin C. Golumbic (CRI)
Prof. Oliviero Stock (Bruno Kessler Foundation)


Project Descriptions


User Modeling and Advising for Tourism: Negotiation and Recommender Systems

Researchers from Israel:
Pavel Bekkerman, Martin C. Golumbic, Sarit Kraus

Researchers from Italy:
Francesco Ricci



  • The project focuses on developing methods to integrate the supplier's preferences into the current generation of recommendation systems. As an application to this research, we aim to incorporate a negotiation facility that can combine recommendations offered to both suppliers and customers into the existing Trip@dvice technology of the travel recommender systems (NutKing and Dietorecs) that have been developed at eCTRL, Bruno Kessler Foundation.