The University of Haifa - Bruno Kessler Foundation Collaboration

Collaboration Coordinators
Prof. Martin C. Golumbic (CRI)
Prof. Oliviero Stock (Bruno Kessler Foundation)


Project Descriptions

Markov Decision Process for Group Advise


Researcher in Israel:
Claudia Goldman-Shenhar



  • The goal of this work is to define the theoretical basis that can help extend the PEACH technology for museum visits, based on a Markov decision process approach. In order to promote interaction among visitors coming to a museum in a group, a decentralized recommender system is needed. The research is aimed at studying decision-theoretic planning for groups under time constraints with possibly conflicting goals. Algorithms are designed that will be able to recommend actions to a group of people visiting a museum taking into account time constraints imposed on the group, different priorities of the visitors and uncertainty in the environment.