The University of Haifa - Bruno Kessler Foundation Collaboration

Collaboration Coordinators
Prof. Martin C. Golumbic (CRI)
Prof. Oliviero Stock (Bruno Kessler Foundation)


Project Descriptions


Ubiquitous User Modeling: Importing Remote User Model for Personalized Services

Researchers from Israel:
Shlomo Berkovsky, Ariel Gorfinkel, Tsvi Kuflik, Larry Manevitz


Researcher from Italy:
Francesco Ricci


  • The main goal of this project is to develop a generic mediating mechanism for incorporating partial user models collected by various personalized service providers in a ubiquitous environment. The mediating mechanism will facilitate user modeling information sharing through translation and integration of partial user models built by various service providers. The input for the mediating mechanism is the available information about a given user, while the output is the enriched unified user model, needed by the target personalization service. This mediation of partial models will allow the target service to enrich its user model and will facilitate provision of more accurate personalization.